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JoyPad Plugin

Before the JoyPad or Game controller can be used with Mach3, the device has to be configured in Windows. Connect the device and go to Control Panel -> Game devices (Windows XP dialogs).

S01-Controlpanel-Game-Controllers-Dialog(Click on image to enlarge)

Only listed devices under Game Controllers can be calibrated and seen by the plugin. If not listed, please consult the installation instruction for your device.

Calibrate the device joysticks. If not calibrated, axe drifting will occur. Proper calibration prevents this from happening.



After calibration the plugin can be enabled and configured in Mach3.



Press yellow CONFIG and the plugin setup dialog will be shown.


Map the device axis to Mach3 axis and the maximum jogging speed for the axe.
Invert the axe if it is moving in the wrong direction.

⇒ Remember to enable the plugin 🙂 …

I recommend to check Single axe jogging as this will lock movement to a single axe at the time. To switch axe, just center sticks and move in another direction.

Please see the User Manual for more detailed setup instruction.


JoyPadSetup Program

The JoyPadSetup program are used for programming the buttons on the JoyPad device. On a standard JoyPad device up to 192 button combinations can be programmed with either standard Mach3 commands (buttons) or be scripted in M800 macro.

The physical button number can differ between brands and device type. To accommodate for this the JoyPadSetup program makes it possible to map buttons.


When the physical buttons are mapped its time to map the logical functions til Mach3 actions or script.


This is done in the Device button assignment main dialog.

A preset of button mapping are available in the drop-down dialog Standard Assignments. To give an impression on the layout are here some of the presets for 3 axis mill button assignments.

S11-Button-Assignment-Example-1-Chart S12-Button-Assignment-Example-2-Chart
S13-Button-Assignment-Example-3-Chart S14-Button-Assignment-Example-4-Chart
S15-Button-Assignment-Example-5-Chart S16-Button-Assignment-Example-6-Chart
S17-Button-Assignment-Example-7-Chart S18-Button-Assignment-Example-8-Chart

The philosophy behind the assignment is simple and with safety in mind. Safe functions can be activated with only one button. More unsafe functions demand at least 2 buttons and some needs both hands at the same time.

The same philosophy when using the jogging sticks – SAFE Left or SAFE Right for continuous jog and Alt Left or Alt Right for step jogging.

The safety buttons are located on the front and denoted SAFE Left, SAFE Right, Alt Left and Alt Right.

Please see the User Manual for all presets.


Do It Yourself button assignment sheet

I you want to make your own template with a different assignment than the presets a blank (DIY) sheet are provided in the manual or you can use this empty template:


(Click to image enlarge)

Only the imagination set the limits for the possibilities in button definition and setup, as all non-safety buttons can call script in M800 macro.

In Mach3 a macro can’t call another macro – this is why all button actions are directed to the same M800 macro. This way script (code) can be reused between buttons.

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