Here you find the latest JoyPad plugin, User Manual and JoyPadSetup program for download.

This is full functional software with no restrictions and it has been scanned for virus and other malware before upload.
When used – it will still be as-is and on your own risk. I have no way of testing all possible configurations. But I take pride in developing high quality software.

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Release 2016.04.10, stable:

Latest stable release 2.10 with all needed files in one zip archive. It fixes ESS issue. Version 2.10, latest stable release.
Unpack files to Mach plugin directory, replacing the previous version.
Double click JoyPad.m3p to install.

Release 2015.07.30, beta:

Support for Ethernet Smooth Stepper and other motion control plugins with “run away” problems. JoyPad.dll version 2.10 Beta.
Copy file to Mach plugin directory, replacing the previous version.

Remember to activate the plugin in Mach Config->Config Plugin menu.
A quick installation guide is shown in Screenshots.

Please submit errors, suggestions or just comments to the forum (see sidebar).


Release 2011.02.05, stable:

Stable full release, supporting Mach Parallel Port (PP), USB Smooth Stepper (USS).

JoyPad_Plugin_2.0.rar User Manual version 2.0.
JoyPad plugin, JoyPad.m3p, version 2.0.
JoyPadSetup.exe program version 2.0.Extract from RAR archive and copy to plugin directory. Install plugin by double-click m3p file.
User Manual  User Manual version 2.0 in PDF format.

This release was made with great help from Nader Atifeh. He was very involved in the User Manual writing and the master behind the button templates for different CNC machines. Thanks!